Close attention to detail ensures your website is tailor-made to get your message across
Content management software makes it easy to change or add text, structure and features
Clear structure and navigation help visitors to find what they're looking for straight away
With a robust, versatile template, a new website can be set quickly, keeping costs down

website design

New websites by Skinnycat Design are built to be responsive and mobile friendly, with the content adapting to fit different screen sizes across a wide range of computers and mobile devices.

All sites use a content management system (CMS) which makes updating less of a hassle, and the system is selected according to the client's needs.

Throughout the design process attention is

focused on the way visitors will be using the site, so that the structure and navigation make it easy to find everything without getting lost in a maze of links or going round in circles.

updates and maintenance

CMS enables website content to be updated from any Internet-connected computer. I offer tuition and support for clients who wish to do this, or I can do it myself, on an ad hoc basis or with a regular schedule.

All website files and databases are backed up regularly to guard against disasters, and software is regularly checked for updates which are installed when they become available.